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Even when I was just a kid, I was fascinated by plants. It started with plants in my own garden and helping out in my friend´s nursery, and finally ended up as an apprentice with Gregor Lersch. I worked together with Gregor Lersch for many years. But there´s a lot more I wanted to know about plants, every detail about them, and so I did my citizen´s service in the Botanical Gardens oft he University of Tübingen. And one thing led to another.... Living with plants got more and more intense and my understanding of plants grew ever deeper. After my citizen´s service i gave professional demonstrations on a freelance basis, among things as public relations for Taiwan Orchid Growers Association. The urge to explore the unknown drove me to set off for the Far East. I had the good fortune to familiarise myself with Asian plant traditions and Asian plant culture as Senior Designer with Hibiya Kadan Floral Design in Tokyo. After that, I set off spend a little time in Paris, to acclimatise myself once more in Europe. At the moment I am an active member of a leading events organiser in Vienna. During this I have been the leading florist oft he Ritz Carlton Vienna for four years. In addition, I also undertake photo projects, events and classes broad like Taiwan, Russia and all over Europe.

Seminars and demonstrations in Europe, Russia, Taiwan and in Japan, booth decoration at IPM. Projects and stage performances at Fleuramour 2014 Alden Biezen.

Since 2016 Timo is one of the 'Master Florist' FLOOS project.


My goal is always to fascinate people, create special moments and to surprise. I want to set the plant in the right light, place them on a pedestal. I want to make it clear to people that such a culture is entirely due tot he plants. Plants have always been an active component of our lives, and still are. They turn any event into a special moment.


2010 - Special Prix of jury - Prix artistique (Tokio, Japan)
2014 - Gold in 'Marriott Black Box European Culinary Challenge Austrian' (Wien, Autria)
2015 - Qualify for the World Cup Interflora Fleurop. Germany
2015 - Silver in Austrian Cup
2015 - Silver in Alpe Adria Cup

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