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Flowers and I are one. I can't imagine life without flowers. I grew up amongst flowers and nature, always knowing that they would be my future. Very early in my childhood I started making small bouquets from the broken and leftover flowers from my father's nursery and my mother's flower shop. I spent a lot of my time during that period in there and greatly enjoyed it .

Logic. So later on it was the logical choice for me to study flower design. During that period I needed some experience from experienced florists and worked in Holland and Belgium with 2 great florists, from whom I learned not only my classic but also old and new techniques. It was the best foundation you could get in flower design.

Dreams. I followed my inner feelings and dreams and after my second place in the Eurocup in Linz, I got the chance to go abroad to demonstrate and teach. I loved it and still do because it gives me the chance to travel around the world and share my ideas and views on flower design. I've met many amazing people, everywhere with the same interests making life rich and wonderful. Thanks for that

Since 2017 he is 'Master Florist' of the FLOOS project


Flowers- nature - emotions – beauty - creativity - harmony

My philosophy in my flower life.

It’s a journey, one of discovery and astonishment, every day again, inspiration is everywhere but first of all, nature is my best “teacher”, just be open to receive, don’t push it, just let it happen, because it has to be pure and not affected.

For me, the spirit of time is also important. Don’t stay within yourself, but, go on and chance your colours, chance your work, but always be yourself and work from within


1997  2nd Dutch Championship

1998  Dutch champion 

1999  2nd Eurocup

2001  Winner Wim Hazelaar Cup

2001  3rd World Cup

2004  2nd Hortifair

2010  Silver Singapore Garden Festival

2016  International Gold medal in a design contest in Japan – Huis ten Bosch – Nagasaki

2017 Masterflorist in FLOOS, a crafter's secret

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