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Paral·lel are a group of friends who like to get together, have dinner and chat. We chat about our personal lives, our professional lives and other more banal things. On top of those things, and no less important, we also chat about ideas and the search for projects, big and small, to mount in both public and private spaces.

It can be said then that Paral·lel is an artistic collective with links to the world of fresh materials and nature. We are currently 6 florists who also rely on collaborators in other artistic disciplines.

The florists:
The 6 members of Paral·lel are freelance florists who dedicate ourselves to developing our own personal pieces for different companies in the form of floral projects.

Paral·lel is made up of:
Jukka Heinonen
Montse Nadal
Bet Morató
Dani Costa
Núria Cantí
Foix Cervera


The way we work is by choosing a space. If that space is outdoors, we look at it closely and visualise the moment and environment to find a driving theme. We agree on our ideas and move on to the search for materials including those that the very space offers. Then, we get started.

For us, the working process is extremely important.

Our goal is to bring man closer to nature from a perspective that provokes an emotion.

Even though we also work in urban spaces or ones indoors, the working process is still the same: we study the space, the fresh materials that are available at that time of year, we agree on our ideas and, finally, we bring it to fruition.

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