Master florists / Carles J. Fontanillas

Brigitte Heinrichs



Carles J. Fontanillas

> Spain


Carles was born into flowers. In 1925 his family began a florist's. He is the third generation of florists in his family continuing the story of “Can Fontanillas”.He began his journey in floral design at 17 when he trained at the Catalan schools of Floral Art. Since then he has trained at seminars with internationally renowned teachers.

He himself has also taught at workshops, seminars and demonstrations in Greece, Rumania, France, England, Holland, Scotland, Germany, Uruguay, China, Russia, Belgium, the United States, Spain and Catalonia. Nowadays he owns two florists, where he works on all sorts of floral decorations.

Carles is the founder, ideologist and promoter of FLOOS project (2015) and is one of the 'Master Florist' who publishes his designs in books The Crafter's Secrett. vol 01 (2016) and The Crafter's Secret. vol 02 (2017)

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