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Brigitte Heinrichs

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Designing with natural materials is her main idea. So she has constantly supplied the motto "Design with Nature“ in her work.

The master florist lives in Germany and her work takes her across the country and indeed to the rest of the world: she has worked an exhibited in England, Scotland, Poland, Denmark, Austria, Switzerland, Italy and Spain, but also in Russia, China, Dubai, Macau, Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia and Pakistan, Australia and New Zealand.

She gained professional experiences by working with Gregor Lersch in Bad Neuenahr (Germany), Gail Jones in Hamilton (New Zealand) and at several national and international presentation and exhibition designs such as „The Presentation of German Flower Design“ at the Floritopia in Korea, commissioned by the German Agricultural Ministry.

Since 2016, she is one of the 'Master Florist' that is part of the FLOOS project and one of the designers who publishes her work in the book The Crafter s Secret. vol 01 (2016)

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