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Miguel Ángel Delgado

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Miguel Ángel Delgado is passionate about floral design, visual arts, fashion, architecture and cooking. We can say that this Canary Islander has done them all. Here is a summary of his journey so far. "At the beginning of career, I worked in catering, specifically in cooking. I did that for seventeen years, during which I worked at different hotels and restaurants, in different categories. I took advantage of that time to train in other disciplines, like fashion design, and then I began to learn floral art, a discipline or profession I’ve worked in ever since.

In 2006, I began to work as an official florist at Fontanillas together with Carles Jubany Fontanillas. The following year, I finished my studies as a visual arts and floral art technician (specialist) at the Escola d'Art Floral de Catalunya. I then started studying visual arts and ephemeral architectural design at the Deià Escuela de Arte y Superior de Diseño.

Since 2008 I’ve worked freelance for different florists in Barcelona and outside Catalonia (among them Floristeria Accions (Barcelona), Floristeria Fontanillas (Sant Celoni), Floristería Lloveras (Barcelona) and Antonio Rivera Diseño Floral (Huelva).

I also do workshops and dedicated studies in event decoration as well as stage decoration (lighting, scenery, furniture, etc.). I’ve worked with Toni Seguí Barcelona (as coordinator to a group of florists), Atmósfera (Barcelona), Tavola, Bouquet (Barcelona) and Floristik Projet with Britta Ohlrogge and Daniel Santa María (Hamburgo) .

I combine my freelance work with teaching at the Escola de Art Floral de Catalunya".


Constancy, perseverance and perfection. This is the premise that the master from the Canary Islands follows when it's time to work and confront life. Knowledge and the study of different artistic disciplines (couture, architecture, drawing, gastronomy, etc.) have helped Miquel Angel to become a unique master florist; creative, perfectionist and demanding with his work.


2014 Champion Barcelona Flower Cup
2018 Spanish Cup AEFI as assistant to Carles Jubany Fontanillas, winner

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