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Max Hurtaud is a French master florist and Floral Fundamentals Ambassador based in Brussels. A flower lover since his birth, when he was 3 years old he said to his mother “I want to be a florist to make bouquets for brides and for my mum!” and he has never changed his mind.

He is very enthusiastic, passionate and funny. Please don’t tell him, he isn’t a trouble maker but he does like to set a good mood around him.
In 2015, after 6 years of studies in a floristry school near his hometown of La Rochelle and a work placement in England, he decided to move to Berlin, though he actually lives in Brussels; it’s a good place for florists according to him.

He loves travelling to discover different cultures, which are his inspiration. His work is eclectic, trying to find many new ways to create. He doesn’t want to do the same and wishes to surprise people.
Having been Floral Fundamentals ambassador and taking part to Fleuramour in Alden Biesen (Belgium) in 2017, Max now represents the new generation in the floristry world. His international floral career is growing and he works now all over the world.

Max Hurtaud is a young master florist who is beginning to make his mark on his floral career and FLOOS is betting on his future success.


Enthusiasm, passion, fun and good humour gets you the right result.


He has participated at a few contests and mainly finished in the top 3, like at the Belgian Flower Cup in 2016 and the bronze medal in hands.

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