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Alex Choi

> South Korea


I can always cuddle up with a lot of people.

Over time, you can experience old fashioned.

Like everybody who likes to be friendly, he always likes to find himself.

I wanted to create a relaxing space as our nature and as our flowers did.

The art of flower arranging, as the universal language of arts and flowers, has the power to make indefinable feelings more explicit and is also, therefore, a barometer of our time.

I look at my future in a positive way. People tend to ostracize themselves in nature; their simplicity and innocence. For us, that part is manure, and it is essential. People need to look for the beauty and peace they have prepared and need to return to. The beauty of beauty and creativity and the good representation of our rich lives should be observed in the same context.


Nature has been my greatest teacher and friend; probably my whole life.

Whether we realize it or not, we are always referring to our personal “hard drive” of sensory experiences.


2002 Winner Korea Flower Design Association competition
2005 National skills competition Gold Medal
2007 National skills competition Gold Medal
2008 Winner 6th International FDSS Cup floral designing competition - Professional category (Singapore)
2009 Winner 10th Korea Cup competition
2010 Winner 11th Korea Cup competition
2010 Gold medal “Floral Window Display” Singapore Garden Festival
2011 The 5th China (Senya) International Orchid Show
2011 Gold medal “Flower Pot” design competition
2012 Silver medal “floral window display” Singapore Garden Festival
2012 Winner Korea Floristry skills competition
2012 Winner 14th Korea Floristry skills competition
2015 Fleurop Interflora World Cup Winner (Germany Berlin)

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